Medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals

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Fundacja ZARYS sends another shipment of medical products to Ukraine. Thanks to the great support of donors, in less than a week we managed to collect PLN 220,000.

The first truck with medical supplies has safely reached Lutsk, where the Volyn branch of the Ministry of Health distributed the goods to hospital facilities. ZARYS International Group - the founder of the Foundation, has the largest warehouse of disposable medical equipment in Central Europe. This access to medical supplies and engagement of ZARYS employees in helping Ukraine ensure constant access to certified medical products of the highest quality and to a team of specialists. Constant contact with representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine makes it possible to prepare the most needed products.


The next transport will include, among others, scalpels, needles, surgical sutures, cannulas, syringes, wound drainage assortment, catheters, suction sets for the operating field, dressing materials, wound closure strips, surgical films and drapes, compresses, resuscitators, diagnostic and surgical gloves, surgical masks, surgical gowns, ready to use operating sets and surgical drapes. A total of over 80,000 items, 33 pallets - a truck full of medical products.

The transport, carried out jointly with Fundacja Solidarności Międzynarodowej (Solidarity International Foundation), will depart on Monday and will head to Lviv.

The situation in Ukrainian hospitals is currently very difficult. Working under such pressure requires the reorganization of the medical units. The number of injured people increases every day, which then leads to an increasing need for medical supplies. When analyzing the list of goods that we deliver to Ukraine, it is easy to notice that with each day of the war they contain more and more products intended for performing surgical procedures. Thank you very much for your support. Together, we can do more - Paulina Roterman, President of the Management Board of Fundacja ZARYS.