Marcin Meller strengthened the activities of Fundacja ZARYS

Fundacja ZARYS, thanks to Marcin Meller's help, organized another, third transport of medical products to Ukraine. Over a million pieces of medical supplies will be transferred to Ukrainian hospitals.

Donors from all over Europe

Marcin Meller decided to support a foundation of his choice and help it collect funds for the purchase of medical equipment for Ukrainian hospitals. The journalist was actively involved in activities of Fundacja ZARYS from Zabrze, which, in response to the global situation, directed all its activities to organizing transports of medical supplies for Ukraine.

Donors from all over Europe made donations to a specially created sub-account. There were payments not only from Poland, but also from Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Turkey and Germany. The goal was to obtain a minimum of 42609,75 Euro  (PLN 200 000), but to the surprise of the initiator of the fundraise, it was possible to collect over one hundred thousand more. In less than a week, Meller raised over a quarter of a million zlotys on his sub-account.

67749,50 Euro for ukrainian hospitals

The journalist together with the donors raised 67749,50 Euro (PLN 318 000). The collected money was used to purchase medical supplies: scalpels, needles, surgical sutures, cannulas, syringes, wound drainage products, catheters, surgical field suction kits, dressing materials, wound closure strips, resuscitators, diagnostic and surgical gloves, and other necessary supplies.

Directly to Lviv

This is the third truck full of medical supplies, which Fundacja ZARYS sends to Ukrainian facilities in need. The first shipment safely reached Lutsk, where the Volyn branch of the Ministry of Health distributed the goods to hospitals. The second transport was carried out at the beginning of this week together with Fundacja Solidarności Międzynarodowej (International Solidarity Fund),and headed directly to Lviv.


I am deeply grateful to my followers on Facebook and Instagram, to all those who contributed and offered help. It is a beautiful force. – Marcin Meller