Medical supplies worth PLN 200,000 found their way to Ukraine thanks to the Fundacja ZARYS

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Fundacja ZARYS financed the delivery of medical supplies to Ukraine. A full truckload of goods containing 27 pallets of equipment worth nearly 200,000 PLN. This is the first help organized by the Fundacja ZARYS.



The #ZARYSpomaga campaign inspired the creation of the ZARYS Foundation

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started last Thursday, prompted ZARYS International Group, the founder of the foundation, to be active beyond regular business strategies. ZARYS company, which has been present on the medical market for over 30 years, carried out the ZARYSpomaga campaign in the years of 2020-2021. Its purpose was to provide comprehensive and free assistance in the selection of medical equipment on behalf of entrepreneurs who wanted to actively support Polish hospital facilities in the fight against Covid-19. A positive response from Polish business prompted ZARYS to establish the Fundacja ZARYS. Its first activity was accelerated by the tragic events in Ukraine.

 A truck with equipment worth close to 42373 Euro (200,000 PLN) for Ukraine

Fundacja ZARYS, using the medical resources and the logistics base of ZARYS International Group, prepared a shipment containing: basic dressing materials, surgical and diagnostic gloves, surgical masks, thermal blankets, injection needles, syringes, sutures, infusion devices and reinforced surgical gowns, universal dressing kits, catheterization kits, medical waste containers. The products were purchased from ZARYS International Group, paid from the Foundation's budget. The transport was organized in direct cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The goods will cross the border in Dorohusk and will go to Lutsk, where the Volyn branch of the Ministry of Health will distribute the goods to hospitals.


Military operations began in Ukraine. We have entered a phase of heated open struggle against the aggressor. Ukrainians are doing everything possible, and also what would seem impossible, to protect their homeland. In these difficult times, we are extremely grateful for your help. Thank you very much - Iryna Korolchuk, Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Medical supplies for Ukraine

This is not the end of our actions. We are starting collection for the next transports. Contact with representatives of the ZARYS Foundation via the website

Fundacja ZARYS was established as a continuation of the #ZARYSpomaga -an initiative carried out during the pandemic. In the worst scenarios, I did not expect its debut to coincide with Russia's attack on Ukraine. This situation set our priorities for the near future - organizing the supply of medical products to Ukraine. All business people who want to help provide medical supplies to the victims of hostilities, please contact us - Paulina Roterman, President of the Management Board of the Fundacja ZARYS.