Two truckloads of medical equipment for Ukraine

We have completed the fourth shipment of medical products. Two trucks filled with specialized medical supplies departed for Ukraine. The total value of deliveries is nearly 129 206,27 Euro (600 thousand PLN).


Our Foundation, established by ZARYS International Group- manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, has been raising funds and successfully delivering supplies to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Our efforts are undertaken in consultation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, so that the shipments go to places where medical assistance is most needed.

The cost of the first transport was fully covered by the Foundation's budget, the subsequent ones are the result of public collection carried out in social media. The Foundation accounts receive donations from private individuals, including employees of the company, as well as from Polish and foreign companies.

Two trucks full of medical products

The next shipment, two large trucks, is the result of financial contributions and in-kind donations. Completion of the first truckload of products was possible thanks to a donation of 58 138,46 Euro (270 thousand PLN) by the Deloitte Poland Foundation. The second will contain dressing materials donated by the Dutch company Vision Medical Company, surgical sutures delivered by the manufacturer - Atramat company from Mexico, products purchased thanks to the public collection conducted by the journalist Marcin Meller and the donation worth of 43 065,52 Euro (PLN 200 thousand) given by the Górnik Zabrze Foundation.

Most needed assortment

Ukraine is currently receiving shipments of products from the disposable medical equipment category, as well as an assortment of products for surgical procedures, including scalpels, needles, surgical sutures, cannulas, syringes, wound drainage products, catheters, surgical suction sets, dressing materials, wound closure strips, surgical films and drapes, compresses, resuscitators, diagnostic and surgical gloves, surgical masks, surgical gowns, surgical kits and surgical field drapes.


The International Solidarity Foundation is responsible for the logistical part, the safe delivery of the products to their destination.