ZARYS will provide disposable medical equipment for Covid-19 vaccination

ZARYS will provide disposable equipment necessary to perform vaccinations against SARS-Cov-19. Syringes and needles, through cooperation with the Material Reserves Agency, will be delivered to pharmaceutical wholesalers, and from there to authorized vaccination centers.

Covid-19 vaccination

The long-awaited vaccination for coronavirus has begun. Vaccination will first cover the most vulnerable: health care workers, including support and administrative staff in medical facilities and sanitary-epidemiological stations, as well as employees of social care homes. The following group will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine in the first quarter of 2021.

Supply of syringes and needles

ZARYS will actively participate in the process of vaccinating Poles by supplying needles, syringes, dressing materials and other small equipment necessary for the procedure. Before the end of the year, several million needles and syringes will leave the warehouses in Gliwice, and further deliveries will be successively carried out in January 2021.

2020 - a pandemic challenge year!

This task is not the only major logistical challenge for ZARYS this year. Since the beginning of the outbreak of pandemic, Zabrze-based company regularly delivers personal protective equipment, protective suits, antiviral and antibacterial masks, oxygen masks and other equipment necessary to increase the safety of medical staff and patients. In November, it fully equipped the first field hospital being built at the National Stadium in Warsaw.