Urine bag with sample port 2W



  • device is intended for 14-days urine and body fluids collection in a closed system 


  • latex-free 2000 ml bag made of medical grade PVC
  • white back wall making urine easy to notice
  • effective non-return valve
  • tight T-valve, that can be easily operated with one hand and which can be folded and tucked in a hard sheath
  • pasteur type droplet chamber providing a "dry" air barrier
  • two hydrophobic air filters (in a bag and chamber), which prevent sucking, balancing the pressure inside the system
    120 cm long, large diameter drain, ensuring a free and effective urinary outflow with a universal stepped connector
  • self-tightening port for sample taking at the end of drain
  • drain equipped with a sliding clamp and a fastening pin to stabilize the drain
  • at the place where the drain connects to the chamber, an additional reinforcing element prevents bending and kinking the drain
  • precise, easy-to-read scale, adequate for diuresis measurement, with high measurement accuracy, every 25 ml from 25 ml to 100 ml and every 100 ml from 100 ml to 2000 ml
  • manufacturer's name placed on the device, as well as place to describe the patient's details and date
  • integrated universal hanger system matching the round and square bed frames
  • additional fixing with a string
  • single-use
  • latex-free
  • sterile, EO sterilized
  • packaging: 1 pc./paper-foil




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