SANVIflon I.V. Cannula


for cannulation of intravenous, peripheral vessels to:

  • multiple injections of intravenous drugs
  • intravenous infusion of solutions and parenteral nutrition suitable for peripheral veins
  • maintain the patient's hydration and / or reduce dehydration if the patient is unable to take sufficient fluid orally
  • blood transfusions and blood-like preparations
  • ensuring vascular access in the event of the need for rapid drug delivery, especially during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures


  • needle (stylet) made of stainless steel with back-cut blade
  • cannula catheter made of Teflon (FEP), equipped with 4 radiopaque lines
  • cannula equipped with wings and hand-closed cap of the upper port colour coded according to size
  • handle that allows you to insert with one hand
  • valve that prevents blood leakage to outside after inserting the cannula into the vessel
  • flashback chamber secured with a Luer-Lock cap
  • available in various sizes from 14 G to 26 G
  • single-use
  • latex-free
  • phthalate-free
  • EO sterilized
  • packaging: 1 pc. – hard blister (PVC + lacquered paper) with a colour print in accordance with the colour identification of the size


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