safeLANCE - pressure-activated safety lancet



  • capillary blood sampling from the fingertip or ear flap for testing glucose level, gasometry, acid-base balance, lactate concentrations
  • it is used in hospitals, laboratories and doctors' offices
  • recommended especially for children exposed to multiple punctures and responsive stress at the sight of the needle


  • easy to use, minimizes unpleasant feelings
  • special construction allows for stable and secure grip
  • the lancet tip is automatically inserted into the finger pad and then retracted so that the needle is not visible before or after puncturing
  • correctly matched size of the lancet allows to get optimal amount of blood with minimal patient’s pain
  • optimal contact surface of the lancet allows for precise application at the desired spot and correct puncture depth
  • the design ensures safety for medical personnel and patient by eliminating accidental puncture and infection
  • perfect guidance of the lancet needle inside the housing reduces vibration, thus decreases patient’s pain and prevents damage to the skin tissue
  • available in two sizes :
    - 23G, puncture depth 1.8 mm – green, dedicated for women and children
    - 21G, puncture depth 2,4 mm – pink, dedicated for men
  • latex-free, phthalates-free
  • single-use
  • sterilized by radiation
  • shelf life: 5 years
  • packaging: 100 pcs/box


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