Surgical draping - comfort and safety

Prevention of surgical field infections is a priority problem for many medical services providers. Thanks to our comprehensive offer of disposable safeguards of the ALPHAtex operating room, it is possible to minimize the risk of infecting the operating field, complications of the patient's treatment process and effective protection against potentially pathogenic microorganisms that are found in human skin coatings in the field of: surgical sets, surgical drapes, surgical foils, surgical covers, adhesive tapes, accessories, including bags for collecting liquids, pockets for tools, tapes for fixing cables, surgical gowns.


ALPHAtex - Surgical sets, drapes and gowns - comfort and safety

Preventing infections in the operating field is a priority for all medicals. Thanks to our complex offer of single-use protective solutions of ALPHAtex STANDARD, STANDARD+, COMFORT, the post-procedural complications and risk of infection in the operating field are minimized while increasing the protection barrier against the potentially pathogenic germs residing in the human skin layers. We offer:

  • patient and equipment drapes
  • sets of surgical drapes
  • incise films
  • surgical covers
  • adhesive tapes
  • accessories such as fluid
  • collection pouches
  • surgical gowns

Properly selected features of surgical drapes provide safety and comfort of use to medical staff and patients.
A variety of multi-layer non-woven and laminates reinforced in critical areas in lines STANDARD+ and Comfort allow to adjust our solutions to particular surgical procedures with maximal cost efficiency.

Alphatex products are characterized by parameters frequently exceeding the requirements of EN 13795 for ‘Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment’.

Moreover, they provide a successful protection against the risk of infection in the operating field. Practical solutions and composition of our sets enable their quick and simple application while performing medical procedures.

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