Reinforced ophthalmic drape with a fenestration of 10cm x 10cm filled with an incise film, integrated with 2 fluid collection pouches, formable molder and cable holder. Drape made of hydrophobic 3 layer non-woven material (SMS) and highly absorbent non-woven material in reinforced area

120cm x 170cm

1 pc.

Absorbent towel made of spunlace non-woven

30cm x 30cm

2 pcs

Cover for Phaco tray made of absorbent and impermeable two-layer laminate

40cm x 65cm

1 pc.

Armboard cover made of absorbent and impermeable two-layer laminate

35cm x 75cm

2 pcs

Reinforced Mayo stand cover made of PE foil and absorbent non-woven in the reinforced area. It is a bag in red colour, folded telescopically with pictogram indicating the direction of unfolding

80cm x 140cm

1 pc.

Reinforced instrument table cover as a wrapping of the set, made of a waterproof layer and a non-woven absorbent layer

150cm x 190cm

1 pc.


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