ZARYS and SiDLY establish cooperation

ZARYS International Group establishes strategic cooperation with SiDLY, which is a leading Polish producer of telemedicine solutions. The impulse to tighten the cooperation are ownership changes in SiDLY structures. On July 15, 2021, Paweł Ossowski, President of the Management Board of ZARYS International Group, became the main shareholder of the company.


From the beggining


After many months of intense efforts related to the service and supply of disposable medical equipment to Polish hospitals and personnel fighting the coronavirus, ZARYS began reviewing strategic options and opportunities to expand the scope of activities. The effect of this is establishing cooperation with the Polish company SiDLY.


“Telemedicine is undoubtedly the part of the medical equipment industry that will develop at a very dynamic pace. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated many of the processes already underway. We believe that our experience and the scale of our business, along with an excellent product in the form of a telemedicine system and the commitment of the founders of SiDLY, will allow us to obtain a leading position, not only in Poland, but also in Europe. " - said Paweł Ossowski, President of the Management Board of ZARYS International Group.


Sidly Sp. z o.o.


SiDLY is an innovative Polish technology company founded in 2014. Its main product is a telecare system based on a proprietary medical device in the form of a wristband, a telemedicine platform and an application. Since its inception, the founding team has strongly focused the company on the continuous development of technology in response to customer needs. The SiDLY system is used, among others, by POZ(Basic Health Care), NZOZ (Non-public health care facility), hospitals to monitor the patient remotely, and by local governments as part of senior care.

Since its inception, the founding team has strongly directed the company towards the continuous development of technology responding to the customer's needs. The company has received over 30 awards worldwide for its achievements in the area of ​​new technologies market development. 


“For the company, this is a strategic step towards increasing the pace of scaling. I am very glad that we can start cooperation with a company from the medical industry, well-established on the European market, such as ZARYS International Group. An important aspect is also a common vision of the company's development, as well as the values ​​that guide all parties in the business. ”- adds Edyta Kocyk, President of the SiDLY Management Board. 


The cooperation involves the use of ZARYS sales channels, conducting joint educational campaigns, as well as support in foreign expansion through the use of existing distribution structures of ZARYS.