Laryngeal mask PVC, disposable sterile


Device inserted through the mouth, up to the back of the throat, forms a seal at the top of the glottis in order to:

  • direct protecting the patient’s airway patency
  • artificial ventilation
  • maintaining airway patency in:
    - short-term surgical procedures, without the need of muscles relaxation, when endotracheal intubation is not necessary
    - under anesthesia for diagnostic procedures
    - during cardiopulmonary resuscitation, when it is impossible to intubate the patient


  • made of medical PVC
  • elastic mask body with description (size, cuff volume, suggested patient's weight)
  • elliptic shape and flexible sealing cuff that ensures safe breath control
  • universal, transparent connector: 15 mm
  • colour-coded valve protection makes it easy to quickly recognize size
  • single-use
  • latex-free
  • EO sterilized
  • packaging: 1 pc. / rigid blister






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