Air cushion anaesthetic mask



  • Device intended for the administration of a gas mixture coming through devices for artificial ventilation.
  • Enables performing medical procedures including artificial ventilation, administration of anesthetic gas and carrying out emergency treatment of an unconscious patient.
  • Device used in hospitals (operating theaters, intensive care units, emergency departments) as well as during pre-hospital care by rescue teams carrying out rescue operations in an unconscious patient.


  • due to the high quality of materials used, ventilation is conducted in an atraumatic and safe way for the patient
  • anatomically shaped inflatable cuff, ensures perfect tightness of the mask with minimal pressure
  • device, when applied to the face, tightly covers the patient's mouth and nose without compressing the eyes
  • clear shell provides continuous visual observation of the patient
  • colour-coded retaining rings, easy for size recognition
  • retaining ring can be removed when it is not needed
  • full size range allows to properly choose the size of the mask depending on the age of the patient
  • all sizes are equipped with inflatable check valve to adjust air amount for best cushion fitting auto patient's face
  • latex and DEHP-free
  • single-use
  • non-sterile
  • shelf life: 3 years
  • packaging: 1 pc./medical foil




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